You work hard for your money.

Make it work hard for you.

Earn high yield on your cash in an insured account
High Yield on Your Cash

Made possible by alternative markets with continuous compounding.

No Minimums. No Fees.

No joke. Start with any amount. What you see is what you get.

Safe and Secure

Insured with a $135M policy by a regulated and audited institutional-grade custodian.

Withdraw Anytime

No lockup periods. Your money is ready whenever you need it.


How it Works




Link Your Bank Account
Earn Interest

Link your bank account in less than 60 seconds and transfer money with ease. All major banks supported.

One time or set up a recurring deposit with the tap of a button. We never charge fees.

Sit back, relax, and let the compounding do the work for you. Withdraw at a moment's notice.



Decipher was founded at Cornell Tech, a revolutionary model for graduate education that fuses technology with business and creative thinking. 


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Supplying digital assets (stablecoins, cryptocurrency) to the Compound Liquidity Pool using Decipher involves risk, and you may lose all funds by accessing these pools through Decipher. Historical interest rates on supplying digital assets (digital dollar, stablecoin USDC) to the Compound protocol is not an indicator that these rates will be available in the future. Although loans, borrowed from the Compound Liquidity Pool, are overcollateralized by digital assets (cryptocurrency) and monitored by third parties for liquidations in real-time, neither Decipher nor the Compound protocol can guarantee the safety of the principal deposit at this time.